Members receive the illustrated Martinu Revue published three times each year plus a special limited edition CD containing world premieres, historic archive recordings and performances from the annual Martinu Festival in Prague.

The IMC was established in 2005 and brings together Martinu enthusiasts, scholars, and performers all over the world. The IMC is supported by the Bohuslav Martinu Foundation and Bohuslav Martinu Institute.

Membership and subscription information:

Electronic form:


450 CZK / 30 USD / 25 EUR / 18 GBP
(includes 3 issues of the Martinů Revue and a special limited edition CD)


Printed form with postage:
570 CZK / 42 USD / 33 EUR/ 26 GBP

Special rate for music students under 25 years of age:
10 EUR / 12 USD / 250 CZK (only electronic form)

Subscription for corporate members: 100 EUR
(includes 10 copies of Revue and 3 copies of the special limited edition CD)
The price does not include bank charges.

More info about CDs

For further details and for a copy of the magazine
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