Martinů Festtage 2017 in Basel shows Martinů from different angles

From 28 October to 12 November, 23rd Martinů Festtage 2017 dedicated to the composer Bohuslav Martinů will take place in Basel, Switzerland. Switzerland played an important role in Martinů’s life, he regularly stayed there with his friends Paul and Maja Sacher, composing some of his most recognizable works. The festival will offer concerts especially with the pieces of the Czech composer, such as Field Mass, H 279. In addition to standard concerts, a family concert will be held and also a screening of Edmund Lévy's film about the life of Martinů with Rudolf Firkušný, Francois Chaplin, Paul Sacher and others. At all venues of the Martinů Festtage „Bohuslav Martinů: Life and Work“ exhibition will be shown.

Photos from past concerts can be found on the Facebook page of the festival, the full program of the festival is here: