Martinů Revue 2/2014 in short summary

Fans of Julia Fischer will surely appreciate the review of her Prague Spring stunning performance of Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 3, H 303 as reviewed by Frank Kuznik. You can also get a better outlook at The Soldier and the Dancer in Pilsen, directed by the prodigious Tomáš Pilař, in two reviews by Eva Velická and Olga Janáčková.  

Positive reviews are coming from Germany, too. Mirandolina premiered in Bayerische Staatsoper this April, new staging of Julietta opened one month before that in Theater Bremen. Read analyses on both performances on pages 14 - 15.   

The sweet surprise has been revealed long time ago yet everyone in Prague is awaiting this year’s Bohuslav Martinů Days and its grand finale with Czech Philharmonic and the Prague Philharmonic Choir concert staging What Men Live By as we slowly enter the year of the composer’s 125th birth anniversary. Gregory Terian focuses on the rarely performed opera’s background and brings you the essentials so that you can get ready for December. We can also reveal that the concert live recording will be released on CD – an information especially those of you who can’t be at the premiere might find useful!  

Ever thought of what can possibly connect Prague and Aix-en-Provence? Well, the answer is clear : Bohuslav Martinů. The dots were also connected in the head of Tamás Besskó, a Prague-based English teacher who created a co-joint project in cooperation with a high school from the French city in order to encourage students from both cities to discover more about Bohuslav Martinů and his music. You can read more on the project as well Martinů’s Aix-en-Provence history on pages 16 – 17.  

Did you know that apart from violin and piano, Martinů was a skillful guitarist? You can find more information on page 19, through the peephole from Polička.  

The new issue of Martinů Revue 2/2014 is out now via the International Martinů Circle and the Bohuslav Martinů Institute in Prague!  

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