JUNE 2015

Juliette or The Key to Dreams, H 253
21 June 2015
, 6.00 pm - premiere
25 and 27 June 2015, 7.30 pm
Opera House Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Florentine Klepper (Director), Opera Frankfurt's Orchester, Sebastian Weigle (Conductor)
Soloists: Juanita Lascarro, Kurt Streit and others


The live recording of the opera will be released on label Oehms Classics.


From the press:

„Julietta“ von Bohuslav Martinu an der Oper Frankfurt:

Welt ohne Gedächtnis / “Julietta” in Opera Frankfurt: / A World Without Memory

Wolf Dieter Peter

„Kultur heute“, Deutschlandfunk, 22. 6. 2015


The author begins by summarising the opera’s plot and its surrealistic atmosphere. He follows the combination of period scientific knowledge and artistic movements in the work (Freud and dream analysis, Surrealism, matters of natural science...). Martinů’s music contains extended harmonies, but it remains tonal. The reviewer heard echoes of d’Indy, Debussy, Poulenc, and Janáček in the music, which was all taken into account by the Museumsorchester headed by conductor Sebastian Weigle. Juanita Lascarro was a seductive Juliette, Kurt Streit’s voice in the role of Michel was “brilliantly daring”. Director Florentine Klepper conceived his role as that of a contemporary man looking for life’s happiness. The author greatly appreciates the fluent and suggestive transformations of the stage set.



Aus der Versenkung / From Time's Oblivion Klaus Kalchschmid

Die deutsche Buehne,


The author starts by reflecting the history of the work’s stagings. He then describes the opera's plot act by act. In Martinů’s music he finds echoes of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, the cor anglais solo seems “Tristanesque” to him, at times he is reminded of Bartók’s Bluebeard’s Castle. The set (scenographer Boris Kudlička) is stylised into the 1950s. The review is useful also for its detailed description of the scenography. Kurt Streit’s (Michel’s) singing is lyrical, at times dramatic. Juanita Lascarro (Juliette) has a sparkling soprano, her character is as seductive as it is cold. The reviewer also gives great praise of the orchestra conducted by Sebastian Weigle.




Auf ewig mein Traum/ Forever My Dream



Director Florentine Klepper approached the staging as a blending of realistic sceneries, which create a surrealistic atmosphere on the border between dream and reality. The orchestra headed by conductor Sebastian Weigle was able to sensitively differentiate between various moods – comic, tragic, grotesque... Kurt Streit as Michel was convincing and his voice was forceful. The director’s concept of blending dreams and reality was supported by Boris Kudlička’s ever-changing scenography. Juanita Lascarro played Juliette like a fiery, dark-haired Carmen. The end of the article contains information about B. Martinů’s life and the circumstances of the work’s genesis.



Auch Ihre Träume überwacht das Zentralbüro

Eleonore Büning/ Your Dreams Are Also Monitored by Central Office

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 23. 6. 2015


The author writes of the work as of the triumphant premiere of an almost forgotten opera. She starts by mentioning the circumstances of the work’s genesis. Then he summarises the opera’s plot. In Juliette’s musical leitmotiv she finds similarities with Debussy’s Mélisanda. The reviewer compares the opera’s surrealistic plot to Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Of the singers, she mentions Beau Gibson, Boris Grappe, Marta Herman, Maria Pantiukhova, Michael McCown. Juanita Lascarro (Juliette) has a darkly rich soprano, and it seems that she was fated for the role of Juliette. Kurt Streit’s voice is strong and radiant. Conductor Sebastian Weigle guides the orchestra and choir to an unambiguous musical triumph. Director Florentine Klepper and her production team thus took a big step towards rediscovering twentieth-century music.



Die Erinnerung verliert sich im Übersinnlichen/ Memories Lost in the Supernatural

Axel Zibulski

Frankfurter Neue Presse, 23. 6. 2015


This is the first-ever performance of the opera in Frankfurt. The work was staged in its German translation. The article devotes much time to describing the set (Boris Kudlička), which follows the director’s artistic vision (direction by Florentine Klepper) and allows for a fluid transformation of scenery, just as the atmosphere changes fluently and dream and reality blend in one surrealistic impression. According to the reviewer, the vocal part of the protagonist Michel is an extremely difficult tenor role, which Kurt Streit has mastered brilliantly.


Frankfurt: Julietta von Bohuslav Martinu. Premiere

Friedeon Rosén

Der Neue Merker

CB 3899




Der Traum ein Leben: Bohuslav Martinůs „Julietta“ an der Oper Frankfurt

Bernd Zegowitz

Mannheimer Morgen

CB 3900




Kollektiver Gedächnisverlust

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 22. 6. 2015

CB 3901



„Julietta“ von Bohuslav Martinu an der Oper Frankfurt: Welt ohne Gedächtnis

Wolf Dieter Peter

„Kultur heute“, Deutschlandfunk, 22. 6. 2015

CB 3902



Aus der Versenkung

Klaus Kalchschmid

Die deutsche Buehne, 22. 6. 2015

CB 3903




Auf ewig mein Traum

Christiane Franke


CB 3904




Von unser aller Traum-Frau: Bohuslav Martinůs selten gespieltes Musikdrama „Juliette“ an der Oper Frankfurt

Wolf-Dieter Peter

Neue Musikalische Zeitung

CB 3905



Auch Ihre Träume überwacht das Zentralbüro

Eleonore Büning

Frenkfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 23. 6. 2015

CB 3906



Die Erinnerung verliert sich im Übersinnlichen

Axel Zibulski

Frankfurter Neue Presse, 23. 6. 2015;art679,1458865

CB 3907




Oper Frankfurt zeigt Bohuslav Martinus Traumspiel „Julietta“

Axel Zibulski

Wiesbadener Kurier und Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz, 23. 6. 2015

CB 3909




Verstrickt in vergessene Träume: Martinus „Julietta“ in der Oper

Josef Becker

Bild, 23. 6. 2015

CB 3910



Nach der verlorenen Liebe sucht man im Traumbüro: Florentine Klepper und Sebastian Weigle zur Frankfurter Erstaufführung von Bohuslav Martinů’s Oper „Julietta“

Guido Holze

Frankfurter Allgemeine Rhein-Main-Zeitung, 20. 6. 2015

CB 3911



Frankfurter Rundschau Freizeit, 20./21. 6. 2015

CB 3912



„Ich sage Sängern schon, wenn ich mal was hören muss“: Dirigent Sebastian Weigle über die Probenarbeit, über den laufenden Frankfurter „Rosenkavalier“, die bevorstehende „Julietta“ und die Mysterien nach der Premiere

Judith von Sternburg

Frankfurter Rundschau, 19. 6. 2015

CB 3913



Ist alles nur ein Traum?: Das Saison-Finale an der Oper Frankfurt ist dem Komponisten Bohuslav Martinů gewidmet

Birgit Popp

Frankfurter Neue Presse, 19. 6. 2015

CB 3914



Auf der Suche nach der Traumfrau: Florentine Klepper inszeniert an der Oper Frankfurt Bohuslav Martinus selten aufgeführtes Werk „Julietta“

Klaus Ackermann

Offenbach-Post, 18. 6. 2015

CB 3915


Und ewig lockt die Traum-Frau: Florentine Kleppers Frankfurter „Julietta“-Inszenierung

Klaus Ackermann

Offenbach-Post, 23. 6. 2015

CB 3916




Träume auf Bestellung: „Oper extra“ zu Martinůs „Julietta“ in Frankfurt

Guido Holze

Frankfurter Allgemeine Rhein-Main-Zeitung, 11. 6. 2015

CB 3917



Herausragendes in der Frankfurter Oper: „Julietta“ an der Oper Frankfurt

Hans-Klaus Jungheinrich

Frankfurter Rundschau, 23. 6. 2015

CB 3919




Fremd ist er eingezogen: „Julietta“, die bedeutendste Oper von Bohuslav Martinů, ist nun auch in Frankfurt zu sehen: musikalisch herausragend, szenisch geglückt

Hans-Klaus Jungheinrich

Frankfurter Rundschau, 23. 6. 2015

CB 3918



Im Zentralbüro der Träume

Oper Frankfurt zeigt „Julietta“ des tschechischen Komponisten Bohuslav Martinu

Bertina Boyens

CB 3920