JUNE 2010

New CD - world premiere recording of the opera Le Jour de bonté/The Day of Good Deeds, H 194


Publisher: Arco Diva 2010, Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra(Concuctor Milan Kanak),Prague Chamber Choir (Lubomir Matl), soloists Tomas Bijok, Petr Matuszek, Irena Troupova, Peter Poldauf, Michal Macuha, Lucie Fiser Silkenova, and others... 

Essential discovery of an unknown opera by Martinů
Of all new recordings released in 2010, the most significant one without question is the world première of the opera Den dobročinnosti (The Day of Good Deeds), H. 194 (recte 200/201), composed in 1930.  Václav Nosek’s  original idea was realized at his specific request by the conductor Milan Kaňák, who edited and prepared Martinů’s unfinished opera, and thereby rescued more than 70 minutes of the master’s music, the quality of which is on a par with the concurrently originating ballet Špalíček, and in places brings to mind the cantata Kytice.  The recording label Arco Diva brought this financially extremely challenging project to fruition in the year marking the 120th anniversary of the composer’s birth, thereby enriching the operatic repertoire by a fundamental work, which is certain soon to appear on some Czech or international stage.
(translated by Veronique Firkušný-Callegari)