MAY 2015

Remembering Christopher Hogwood

Part of the new Martinů Revue is devoted to remembrance of well-known English conductor a musicologist Christopher Hogwood, who passed away last September. „He always smiled gently. When he did not have a smile on his face, he at least smiled through his eyes and never failed to radiate a good mood and whole-hearted interest in those with whom he came into contact,“ says director of the Bohuslav Martinů Institute Aleš Březina. „He first discovered the music of Martinů, his beloved Czech composer, through recordings and then got to know it more closely during his studies in Prague with Prof. Zuzana Růžičková.“

You can find out what Christopher Hogwood thought about Bohuslav Martinů in the new Martinů Revue where is published selection of his texts about Martinů where he likens Martinů to Zelenka and Telemann or stresses composer´s large output.

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