JUNE 2015

Juliette in the new issue of Martinů Revue

Martinů possibly never reacted about any of his work so often and enthusiastically as about Juliette (The Key To Dreams) H. 253. „I’m so happy that with your help I achieved what I always wished and looked for – spirit of artwork that is hidden and only author can find,“ writes Martinů after the Prague premiere of Juliette in 1938 in a letter to Václav Talich, who conducted this opera which is also devoted to him. Martinů’s relationship to the opera reflex in the fact that almost 15 years later he decided to use a quote in his Fantaisies symphoniques (Symphony No. 6) from the opera which, by his words, perfectly suits. „I did it also for myself, because I feared I would not hear my opera again and this way I could recall few measures.“

In the new issue you will get to know more about Martinů’s beloved opera Juliette and its performance on February 14th from Zürich Opera House. But be aware – in Juliette nothing is as it appears to be...

Photo : Monika Rittershaus