NEW MARTINŮ REVUE: Interview with Tomáš Jamník

Bohuslav Martinů Foundation Competition will be held on November 25–26 2016 in the Liechtenstein Palace in Prague traditionally as an opening of the music festival Bohuslav Martinů Days. Candidates playing harpsichord, flute, clarinet and trumpet will have an opportunity to compete for the first time in its history this year. The competition has offered such opportunities only for string players and pianists so far.

Tomáš Jamník © Marek Novotný


Music competitions raise a lot of questions among musicians. How to grasp the piece and present it right to the jury and impress them? How to succeed? Are there any objective criteria of judging the artistic performance? These questions will be answered in an interview in the new issue of the Martinů Revue (no. 2/2016) by the renowned Czech cellist, laureate of the Prague Spring and the famous interpreter of works by Bohuslav Martinů Tomáš Jamník: "It is not in my nature to take a piece and simply play it. I must know the context within which it was written, and for whom, for what purpose it was written because I think the greatest power of classical music rests in that which is concealed behind it… I enjoy the moment when people realise that they are hearing something that has been here for centuries."

Tomáš also remembers the beginnings of his own and The Dvořák Trio's in the interview, his achievements not only in the Bohuslav Martinů Foundation Competition, he presents his musical project Vážný zájem, which brings classical music to living rooms and cafes, and his cooperation with the music publishers and composers.

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