JULY 2018

Dr Jiří Pilka has passed away

On July 7, musicologist, music popularizer, radio and television concert moderator and publicist Jiří Pilka has passed away in the age of 88. He was a longtime member of the B ohuslav Martinů Foundation Supervisory Board and in 2012 was awarded a Bohuslav Martinů Foundation Medal thanks to his promotion of Martinů’s work.

Dr. Jiri Pilka (1930-2018) was born in Prague. After graduating from the grammar school he studied musicology at the Philosophical faculty of Charles University in Prague. He was sentenced to and spend half a year in prison because of his illegal activity in the scout movement which was forbidden during the years of the cummunist totalitarian regime. Then he worked as an assistant tradesman and driver. Later he became an archive-keeper of the Czech Music Fund and a repertory adviser of the Music department of Czechoslovak television. In 1969 he worked as the chief-editor of this department but as a non-member of the Communist party he was dismissed in 1972. After being unemployed for some time he became a staff-worker for the Pardubice Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra conducted by Libor Pesek. Between 1977-1989 Pilka worked in the Music department of the Theatrical Institute in Prague, and in 1990 again became the chief-editor of the Music department of Czechoslovak television. Between 1991-1992 he was a director of the Prague Symphony Orchestra (FOK) and between 1992-1996 he was a director of the international television festival "Zlata Praha" (Golden Prague). Apart from this he has been active in the field of music criticism and journalism and he has written hundreds of music programs for Radio and scripts for television. He continuously dedicated himself to music popularization and has almost published 30 books on music.

May he rest in peace!