Martinů's Puppets in audiovisual project of Baderna Moderna ansamble

The project From the twins Harlequin and Colombine to echoes in Pierrot marks the debut of Baderna Moderna, a music group formed by Brazilian classical musicians with focus on contemporary music. This first work, presented in the format of music plus narration, is based on Puppets, music by Bohuslav Martinů. Inspired by this music, Brazilian journalist Claudia Piccazio created a story, written especially for this project.

Puppets – composed for solo piano – was loosely inspired by the Commedia dell'Arte and the strong Czech puppet theater tradition. The piece is divided into Books I (H 137), II (H 116) and III (H 92) and comprises 14 songs, which were arranged by Baderna Moderna for the unusual format with violin, clarinet/bass clarinet, percussion and accordion. The new arrangements give a less 'classical' character to the overall sound, at the same time increasing the poetic possibilities of the original score, conveying contemporaneity and a nuance of ‘brazilianness'.

The contemporary aspect of From the twins Harlequin and Colombine to the echoes of Pierrot is expressed in its entire conception, not only in the reinterpretation of Martinů's work, but also in the story created especially for this project. The text and script written by Claudia Piccazio were awarded in 2020 by the Aldir Blanc Award for Culture's Support of São Paulo City and bring a new look to three of the main characters of Commedia dell'Arte: Harlequin, Colombine and Pierrot, allowing for a reflection on human relations in their most delicate form.

In this audiovisual record, the musical interpretation is by Baderna Moderna: Helena Piccazio (violin), Thiago Lamattina (percussion), Diogo Maia (clarinet and bass clarinet), Braulio Vidile (accordion). The narration is by the actor Jonathas Joba. Recording, mixing and editing were done by musician Felipe Senna at Ninho do Corvo studio.