MARCH 2014

Berliner Philharmoniker play Martinů!

November 15 2014, Berliner Philharmoniker with Sir Simon Rattle will return back to Prague to open the 2nd edition of Rudolf Firkušný Piano Festival. The concert will commence with Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 4 - Incantation, H 358 performed by Czech pianist Ivo Kahánek.

Tickets will be available from May 2014.

"Incantation" was added to the festival programme thanks to Prague Spring festival. It was the legendary virtuoso who premiered the composition in New York in October 1956. Firkušný was a very good friend of Martinů, and the composer even granted him with exclusivity on the concerto's intepretation rights. Martinů himself wrote on "Incantation" that it is "an expression of unrelenting search for truth and the meaning of life, as well as a homage to music, musician's shelter, his power and weapon". 

The November concert won't be the only Berliner Philharmoniker's performance during which Martinů's works will be heard. Saturday May 24, Berlin's first hall will host French-Argentinian cellist Sol Gabetta who will perform Martinů's Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra No. 1, H 196. This time, Berliner Philharmoniker will be conducted by Krzysztof Urbański.