1903 - 1910

ca. 1903 - Composes his first piece, the programmatic string quartet Tri jezdci (The Three Riders) after a ballad by Jaroslav Vrchlicky.

1905 - First public performance, as a violinist in a tavern in Borov.

1906 - Public performance in Policka, on the basis of which he receives a scholarship from the Policka Town Council and, after passing the entrance examination, beings studying violin at the Prague Conservatory.

1907 - Composes Posviceni (Village Feast) for flute and string orchestra. Beginning of his friendship with Stanislav Novak, who will later become concert master of the Czech Philharmonic.

1908 - 12 March, expelled from the Conservatory for performing in public with an amateur orchestra without permission. Readmitted on 25 May.

1909 - At Easter time composes the remarkable Elegie (Elegy) for violin and piano. In October transfers to the organ department, in which composition was taught.

1910 - 4 June, 'expelled for incorrigible negligence'. Beginning of continuous work as a composer. Writes two substantial orchestral works - La mort de Tintagiles (The Death of Tintagiles) after Maeterlinck and Andel smrti (The Angel of Death) after Przerwa-Tetmajer - during several days in June and July, as well as many songs.