1911 - 1920

1911 - First consultations with Josef Suk. In December takes the state examination but fails to pass it.

1912 - Begins composing the piano pieces titled Loutky (Puppets), completed 1914-24 - his first viable work. Composes Nipponari for voice and small instrumental ensemble. In December passes the state examination.

1914 - The First World War breaks out. Martinu is excused from obligatory military service.

1915 - Begins playing occasionally as an auxiliary violinist in the Czech Philharmonic.

1916 - In the summer returns to Policka. Starting in September teaches violin at the Townspeople's School. Also teaches privately.

1918 - Celebrates the approaching end of the First World War with the cantata Ceska rapsodie (A Czech Rhapsody) for baritone, mixed chorus, orchestra, and organ. On 29 October declaration of independence of the Czechoslovak Republic.

1919 - 12 January, premiere of the Ceska rapsodie by the Czech Philharmonic. In the summer a tour with the orchestra of the National Theatre to London, Paris, Geneva, Bern, and Zürich.

1920 - End of commitments in Policka and, in the summer, return to Prague. Starting in the fall a regular member of the Czech Philharmonic, playing second violin, third stand.